Binarium public release

Dear friends!

In this great day - a Day of Victory, we are pleased to announce Binarium Cryptocurrency release, which is created by talented developers of Cybertime System company.

Binarium - is the first cryptocurrency with polymorphic protection from ASICs. You can learn more information about protection on this page.

In the near time we'll integrate Binarium with our games. There 'll be ability to buy in-game items for cryptocurrency. There will be ability to exchange Binarium for fiat money on our exchange, which also will be launched in near time.

Also, we develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, based on Binarium users network. This platform will be used in games for creation of smart, self-learning bots. Special API will be launched, which will allow to integrate AI with any game.

Wallet now is beta-test mode, so there may be some bugs in it. You can send to us information about them here:

Published: 5 years ago, last edit: 4 years ago