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I install wallet from zip-package. What I do next?

To launch a wallet you should open binarium-qt file

But we recommend using the Windows Installer. Installer automatically setup the required Windows build (32 or 64 bit build) and create all anchors.

Linux installation packages development in progress.

Where my Binariums saved, where I find my wallet file?

  • Find the wallet data folder. Select a "Settings", then select "Options" and then select "Main" tab. Then find the "Data Directory" option. Open this directory in explorer.
  • The file "wallet.dat" placed on this folder. This is you wallet file. Take care it! If you uninstall Binarium client, please Can't delete, lose, and don't give to anyone you wallet.dat file!

How to receive Binarium?

  1. Go to the "Receive" tab
  2. Click the "Request Payment" button
  3. Copy the "Address" string in window then opened
  4. Send this address to sender

How to send/transfer Binarium?

  1. Go to the "Send" tab
  2. Paste the receiver address into "Pay To" field
  3. Set the required Binarium amount into "Amount" field
  4. Click the "Send" button

Binarium client can not run, or display many strange errors

  • If something does not work on your computer, then send to us debug,log file from program's data directory to or create issue ticket on this page with log-file attachement.
  • Try start program with admininstering (root) rights.
  • Check whether anti-virus or firewall block it and give cryptocurrency access to the network.

Client lowers CPU usage, if its loaded by other applications. It can, even, pause mining.

To allow it continue mining, even if other applications load processor, there is need to increase its CPU usage priority in Tasks Manager. If needed, there is also ability to set CPU cores affinity mask in Tasks Manager for Binarium, to switch it on less loaded cores. So that the most loaded first core will not switch between tasks too often - because it decreases core's performance.

How I change language of the interface?

To change a language of the interface, you should open menu Options -> Parameters, go to Display tab and choose language.

How I change theme of the interface?

To change a theme of the interface, you should open menu Options -> Parameters, go to Display tab and choose theme.

How I enable or disable mining?

To enable or disable mining, you should open menu Options -> Parameters, go to Main tab and set the "enable mining" checkbox.


  • Binarium is a non-commerce, free and open source project, distributed by MIT license.
  • Binarium cryptocurrency is not related in any way to binary options exchange or other simillar projects.
  • Topic on BitcoinTalk here
Published: 6 years ago, last edit: 7 mon. ago