Period Reward (BIN) Reward (RUB) Reward (USD)
Per Day
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Calculation formula: Reward = (miner_hashrate / net_hashrate) * (period_in_seconds / avg_block_time) * block_reward * (1 - pool_fee) * luck_factor

Binarium Mining HowTo

Integrated wallet miner

Official Binarium Wallet contain the Integrated Pool Miner. After setup, run and complete the wallet sync process, go to "Settings" in top menu and select the "Options".

  • Check-in the "Enable mining in pool".
  • In "Pool URL" field, set the stratum-address of the pool, official pool is recommended: stratum+tcp://
  • In "User" field, set you Binarium wallet address for input payments.
  • In "Algorithm" field, set the Binarium_hash_v1 (By default setted).
  • In "CPU Priority" * field, set the mining threads process priority above other processes, by default set 0 (low), you are not need to change this usually.
  • Поле "Количество потоков" количество ядер процессора, которое вы хотите задействовать. Мы рекомендуем указывать количество ядер минус 1***.

Before set this options a restart wallet is required. For controlling mining process use the Rounded red button in wallet bottom right (Green - mining active, Red - mining inactive). Beside, the current mining speed will be displayed (in hashes per second). The official Mining Pool mining strictly recommened, because solo-mining not actual, not supported, and has been removed from settings soon.

The console (CLI) miner

You may use a console Binarium CLI,miner. Download it here:

Select and click archive for you system (for Windows is cpuminer-easy_win_64.7z 64-bit windows only supported)

  • Unpack to any folder
  • Open the cpuminer-conf.json file in notepad
  • In user field set you payment address. If you need, you may setup the worker (comma-separated, example: XvPpjJN39bRiBthCZhrNwqRK2QbwQUnoZF.Xeon_Gold_6154)
  • In url field setup the stratum pool address: stratum+tcp://
  • Other settings (algo, threads, cpu-priority, cpu-affinity) has been equal with wallet miner settings.
  • For start miner, use one of two BAT-files. Anything is work fine, but some CPUs run-sse2.bat may be produced a best results.
Payments and statistics

After a while, you miner will be displayed here and starts the payments. In current time, payment will be processed after balance fill with 1 BIN. Payments processed at each finded block, after 100 confirmations of mining transaction.

* Another Binarium pools with Binarium support is exists. We warn that we are not liable for the quality, reliability of data, fair payments, cleanliness of operators of any pools that are not official.

** Windows Operatiing System support a 6 levels of priorities (from 0 to 5). More information about Windows Process Priorities You may here.

*** In example, you PC with INTEL Core i7 7700 CPU. This processor contain 4 physical cores and 8 threads, i.e. 4 physical and 4 HT (HyperThreading) cores. То есть указывать вам имеет смысл 7. Has the meaning set 7. Then this not interfere for other PC tasks.