Up to date there are lots of news.

The main is: big investor is interested in Binarium project - it is one of the biggest metalworking enterprise of federal level in Tatarstan region in Russia "Trading house TransMash" http://kamzt-metal.ru - subsidiary enterprise of Kama Plant TransMash http://kamzt.ru.

There is an cooperation agreement signed and investing line for 2 years of development is opened. Investor is interested in practical application of Binarium Block-Chain, which will allow to earn real profit. In a short time we'll disclose details about practical applications of technology. Currently IP rights are formed and package of documents is being signed.

Investments allowed us to buy one of the most powerful up to date server side equipment for project resources. It'll make work of all areas of Binarium project much more stable and reliable and make development more comfortable.

Investments allowed us to list on one of the big cryptocurrencies exchanges Crex24. You can start trading now https://crex24.com/exchange/BIN-BTC.

Investors are also interested in MMO games projects sZone-Online, sZone-Online 2 and all other games projects. Negotiations are planned on the first half of September.

Integration of Binarium cryptocurrency with sZone-Online game is anticipated in the first half of September.

Published: 6年前, last edit: 5年前