Binarium update released

We implemented new fair blocks mining algorithm, with which all clients have probability of new blocks generation, proportional to performance of their computers.

With standard blocks mining algorithm, nNounce picking for all clients is as follows: nNounce ( i ) = 0, 1, 2, ... - all clients make the same : if at least one man has 20 - 50 % faster computer, than others, then he or she will go far ahead of others in nNounce series processing. While others calculate hashes for 3, 4 - he or she 'll process 6, 8 - and further their leading forward will only increase and nobody 'll be able to catch up with the most performing computer. This way such client will take all blocks in network.

But, if we'll do this way:

PseudoRandomSeed ( Unique information for computer ); nNounce ( i ) = PseudoRandom ( 0 ), PseudoRandom ( 1 ), PseudoRandom ( 2 ), ... - with not repeating pseudo-random nNounce, then all clients will perform different work and calculate hashes for mostly different nNounce. Taking into account collisions of hashes counting, all clients will have chances for blocks generation, proportional to performance of their computers.

This way: the fastest computer will have highest probability of new block generation, proportional to performance of his or her computer, but this client 'll not has absolute guaranty of new block finding all time. Other clients 'll also have probability of new block finding, proportional to their performance.

We implemented mining indicator and Hash Rate ( hashes per second ) showing for quick determination of blocks generation state.

Published: 6年前, last edit: 6年前