Latest news

  • New Binarium payment feature connected For sZone-Online MMO Game. Money refunded on game account by current Binarium rate, in Rubles. With additional 50% bonus for refund amount. After writing API documentation, we opening payment interface for anything.
  • All Binarium project resources successfully moved to new own servers.
  • We published a special neural network example, which using Binarium Blockchain data for training. Example allow mining profitability predictions for any Blockchain difficulty, reward or net hashrate blockchain parameters, which may be actual in the future.
  • The development process in progress right now, for application of Artificial Intelligence for solving of practical tasks: manufacturing optimization, determination of equipment wear, financial analysis, agriculture processes parameters determination, analysis of customers, visitors and patients data, Information Security and other areas.
  • According to the results of the internal testing of the web wallet, it was decided to modify part of the Binarium source code (JSON-RPC server module) for better integration. On the basis of a web wallet, a personal account is developed for partners wishing to accept payment to Binarium in their projects.
  • A modern interface for official mining pool development continues. Planned integration this with web-wallet and main project portal.
  • For demonstrations and PR distributed computing and NN on blockchain the separated web-portal has been started.
  • For additional project finances, we develop special scheme for attracting private investments. Details will be presented later.
Published: 4年前, last edit: 4年前