Поздравляем с новым годом и рождеством!
Команда разработки Binarium поздравляет всех с новым годом и рождеством
2 mon. ago
Только BINARIUM, только хардкор!
BINARIUM is activated for sZone-Online MMORPG Steam servers
2 mon. ago
New official pool
New official pool ready...
3 mon. ago
A some news appeared
Preparing for conversations, documentation development, spork 8 coming & other...
3 mon. ago
Мы ищем таланты!
Мы ищем таланты! И готовы платить...
3 mon. ago
Binarium v. 0.12.8 released
Masternodes reward fix and more...
3 mon. ago
Latest news
A lot news has accumulated by this month...
4 mon. ago
Binarium development news
We continue development of ecosystem around Binarium. We completed first phase...
5 mon. ago
Up to date there are lots of news.
Big investor is interested in Binarium project - it is one of the biggest metalworking enterprise of federal level...
6 mon. ago
Binarium v. 0.12.7 released
We published Binarium cryptocurrency version 0.12.7
7 mon. ago
Exchange listing, mining pool, CPU miner and more...
Exchange listing, mining pool, pool mining software, binarium wallet development process and more...
8 mon. ago
Binarium v. 0.12.6 released
Binarium v. 0.12.6 released
9 mon. ago
Binarium v. 0.12.5 released
We published Binarium cryptocurrency version 0.12.5.
9 mon. ago
Binarium v. 0.12.4 released and more...
Wallet cumulative update to v. 0.12.4, run the Blockchain explorer and more...
9 mon. ago
Binarium update released
Binarium 0.12.2_4 update released. Contains mining process update and more
9 mon. ago
Binarium public release
In this great day - a Day of Victory, we are pleased to announce Binarium Cryptocurrency release, which is created by talented developers of Cybertime System company.
10 mon. ago