Новости о разработках
Проектом по анализу медицинских снимков заинтересовались несколько инвесторов...
4 weeks ago
Отличные новости!
Наша команда ведёт переговоры с министерством здравоохранения РФ...
4 mon. ago
Happy christmas and new year!
Own development team congragulate all with christmas and new Year.
6 mon. ago
Только BINARIUM, только хардкор!
BINARIUM is activated for sZone-Online MMORPG Steam servers
6 mon. ago
New official pool
New official pool ready...
7 mon. ago
A some news appeared
Preparing for conversations, documentation development, spork 8 coming & other...
7 mon. ago
Мы ищем таланты!
Мы ищем таланты! И готовы платить...
7 mon. ago
Binarium v. 0.12.8 released
Masternodes reward fix and more...
7 mon. ago
Latest news
A lot news has accumulated by this month...
8 mon. ago
Binarium development news
We continue development of ecosystem around Binarium. We completed first phase...
9 mon. ago
Up to date there are lots of news.
Big investor is interested in Binarium project - it is one of the biggest metalworking enterprise of federal level...
10 mon. ago
Binarium v. 0.12.7 released
We published Binarium cryptocurrency version 0.12.7
11 mon. ago
Exchange listing, mining pool, CPU miner and more...
Exchange listing, mining pool, pool mining software, binarium wallet development process and more...
12 mon. ago
Binarium v. 0.12.6 released
Binarium v. 0.12.6 released
1 years ago
Binarium v. 0.12.5 released
We published Binarium cryptocurrency version 0.12.5.
1 years ago
Binarium v. 0.12.4 released and more...
Wallet cumulative update to v. 0.12.4, run the Blockchain explorer and more...
1 years ago
Binarium update released
Binarium 0.12.2_4 update released. Contains mining process update and more
1 years ago
Binarium public release
In this great day - a Day of Victory, we are pleased to announce Binarium Cryptocurrency release, which is created by talented developers of Cybertime System company.
1 years ago