Exchange listing, mining pool, CPU miner and more...

Binarium has now listed on Ubit crypto exchange. We work for prepare Binarium for listing on another exchanges

Official pool started for collective Binarium mining and created dedicated CPU miner for Windows & Linux.

Required settings in cpuminer-conf.json file

"url" : "stratum tcp://",
"user" : "XbCiEW3RpLyvuTBxf2Kn99bv6PrPB9Azy8", // Your Binariums receive address, you can generate it in wallet.
"pass" : "anything",
"algo" : "Binarium_hash_v1",
"threads" : 1, // Amount of mining threads. Usually equal of CPU physical cores.
"cpu-priority" : 0,
"cpu-affinity" : -1

Then launch it in console with command: cpuminer -c cpuminer-conf.json or launch run.bat

Currently we integrate miner for pool into wallet, so that it'll be easy to work with it : just launch and everything already works. Meanwhile, you can use mining in pool with this standalone console miner.

Published: 11 mon. ago, last edit: 8 mon. ago