Binarium platform Release and Development plan.

03.2018 - 06.2018: Basic infrastructure development

  • Completed Infrastructure core development in completed desktop software product - Binarium Wallet.
  • Completed Community involvements on tematic forums, portals and social networks publishing.
  • Completed Information resources development: Blockchain explorer (ВСЕ), main project portal, etc.

06.2018 - 10.2018: Binarium integrations with computer games projects by Cybertime System

For project popularization proceeding, more community involvements, and integration debigging, we intergrate Binarium cryptocurrency platform with computer games, developed by Cybertime-System. And the first these project is sZone-Online.

  • Internal testing... Virtual web-wallets system development with intant transaction improvements for "many confirmations problem" decision and easing integration of another projects. The merchants API and Interface already being developed for this services.
  • In progress... Binarium in-game integration, with refunding default in-game balance by current exchange rate. Any game items will be available for purchase.

10.2018 - 12.2019: Trading on big cryptocurrency exchanges

10.2018 - 12.2019: Creation and development of General Purpose Computing, Artificial Intelligence calculations and rendering in Binarium network

  • In progress...

Example of application of Neural Networks for modelling of different functions.

Implementation of practical tasks, based on TensorFlow library and Genetical Algorithms, as well as other algorithms for data analysis for Trading House "TransMash", the metalware manufacturing company. We'll analyze how this system works, what is the load, what are the bottlenecks, what can be parallelized and optimized and how this can be implemented in Binarium network in a the best way.

Work with Neural Networks learning library Caffe.

Parallelization of AI calculations in Binarium network and implementation of practical tasks for different enterprises, companies, studios, projects and other organizations in Russia and other countries.

Implementation of a platform for general purpose computations in all areas, based on experience of work with AI calcualtions system.

We will analyze efficiency of work of such system in its integration with existing programs for rendering of images. If pefrormance 'll be adequate, then we'll use this solution. If parallelization of rendering engines directly in network 'll be more eficient, then we will implement specialized solution for rendering, in addition to existing solutions. Implementation of practical applications of rendering : medical data visualization, visualization of scientific, industrial, economical and other kinds of data.

Searching and analysis of other uses of general purpose computations in Binarium network, for example, information security, everyday helpers and advisors for people, robots and automatic transport navigation systems, robotic technologies and automatization of factories, economics automatization, scientific calculations performing and others.

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