A some news appeared

We planned a "Many news per one month", but due to community requests we may do it per two weeks. So:

A good news for Masternode operators! Spork 8 mechanism activation started (Enables enforce masternodes payment). Rule activation planned at 2018-11-20 00:00:00. After activation and accept rule by network (After most masternodes updates), you rewards will become guaranteed.


Download binaries: https://github.com/binariumpay/binarium/releases/tag/0.12.8_2

Before this mechanism activation, the question about "pay or not part of mining reward to masternodes" was decided by miners (pool operators in fact). After the activation on this mechanism, the masternode reward will become mandatory. Blocks without MN rewards will be rejected by network. Therefore, you masternodes required a update, if you keep and take getting stable and guaranteed rewards.

We prepairing for conversations with Tatarstan Rebublic of Russia Government agents, for resolve questions related with practical applications of Binarium Blockchain for some social republican projects. Conversation result will be published to official infomation sources and own portal.

We developing a documentation for official Binarium API, for use with internet-services. API already existsed and used masternode operators and other services, but used in non-public mode in current time. We not support publishing of untested and unchecked software.

Пишется документация и готовится публикация официального API проекта Binarium, для использования в интернет-сервисах. API уже существует и используется операторами мастернод и других сервисов, но пока в непубличном режиме. Мы не сторонники публикации "сырых" продуктов.

We developing a documenation for Binarium merchant interface, which used for connecting Binarium as payment system for another projects. Interaction interfaces already created and actively worked in stress-testing mode. We repeat: We not support publishing of untested and unchecked products. In current time, Binarium is accepted on the sZone-Online MMO game project and in new Zone Reborn server (sZone-Online pre-release version 0.9.x) which runned 16 november 2018.

Proceeding a Web-Wallet stress-testing and new official mining pool interface, integrated with main project portal, Web-Wallet and other own related services.

Published: 3 years ago, last edit: 3 years ago